Looking Beyond The SaaS Income Statement
And Risks to your 2nd Act
Figma is the "Operating System of Design"
Microsoft just works (and it's cheaper)
Moving beyond the GAAP Cash Flow Statement
[Week 24, 2022] 📉 Cloud stocks fall 5.3%, 💸 Brex-it, and 📉 tech layoff tracker. Let's begin 👇 Cloud stocks continued their decline falling 5.3% for…
Cloud stocks plummeted 7.5% for the week ending June 10, 2022 on higher than expected inflation. 😬 Inflation. Inflation. Inflation. Selling pressure…
Cloud stocks ripped 5.5% in the week ending May 27, 2022 but underperformed major indices 🤳 SNAP back. Snap, the social media app you never use any…
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Hard Mode by Breaking SaaS